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James R. Dudine

James Dudine is a former senior executive with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) with over thirty years experience as a financial institution supervisor. During the Savings and Loan Crisis of the late 1980s and early 1990s, Mr. Dudine served as the Director of the Office of Investigations for the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC).

The RTC was a temporary agency created by Congress in 1989 to clean up the savings and loan crisis after the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Fund became insolvent. It acted as conservator and receiver for failed thrift institutions, marketing the franchises and disposing of assets. The RTC was also directed to investigate each failed thrift institution to determine the extent of malfeasance and to bring civil recovery proceedings against directors, officers and other professionals whose misconduct caused losses to the taxpayers.

Mr. Dudine initiated and directed the RTC’s nationwide investigative program establishing national policy and overseeing regional and field staff located throughout the country. The highly successful effort returned over $2.5 billion to the US Treasury.

Mr. Dudine has testified before Congress on several occasions and before the RTC’s Oversight Board. During his career, he worked diligently to promote information sharing among Federal regulatory authorities, the US Department of Justice, FBI and US Treasury resulting in the successful coordination of parallel civil and criminal recovery proceedings. Mr. Dudine holds an MBA from Southern Illinois University and a BS degree from Indiana State University. He is a graduate of the Stonier Graduate School of Banking, Rutgers University. Download Bio

Marc Metzgar

Mr. Metzgar is a recognized forensic analyst as well as court qualified expert in Industry Standards and Best Practices for Construction Lending Products and Lenders.

In his 30+ year career he has analyzed and overseen the conversion, revitalization, development, and management of real estate assets throughout the United States. He has managed all aspects of development including but not limited to: asset identification, capital assembly, investment structure, short and long term financing, legal analysis, operations, design, permits, construction and divestiture. He worked with inner cities redevelopment agencies to rehabilitate depressed city sectors. He was part of the team that redeveloped an eight acre downtown mixed-use high rise project in the City of Los Angeles’ critical core area. He was involved in extensive redevelopment planning and the complex political issues that typically impact urban development projects of this magnitude. As a developer and licensed general contractor Mr. Metzgar has financed and developed industrial, commercial, office and residential projects.

Mr.  Metzgar went on to become one of the original founders and senior most executives of the Granite Companies ( specializing in the quality control and risk management of institutional lenders construction programs, as well as governmental agencies oversight of failed banks’ construction assets. Granite provides cost effective real estate solutions for organizations not traditionally staffed or technologically capitalized to handle the broad based real estate problems of today’s marketplace. Granite is an ongoing National Quality Control Service Company that specializes in real property: inspections; fund control disbursement and management; construction product and program development; servicing and customer support; seminars and training; problem construction workout and turnaround services; 203K loan management; and sophisticated forensic analysis and recommendations associated with partially completed real estate assets. On an ongoing basis, Mr. Metzgar assists the FDIC in its analysis and disposition of failed institutions.

In his expert capacity Mr. Metzgar is: 

  • articulate
  • uniquely capable of reducing complicated issues into understandable and digestible concepts for the lay person
  • innovative in his forensic analysis and recommendations
  • efficient and cost effective
  • an excellent writer
  • unflappable in deposition and while giving testimony 

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Gary S. Watts CPA JD

Gary Watts is an experienced CPA and attorney with 30 years of diversified and unique experience in financial due diligence, workouts, litigation support, fraud investigation, and forensic accounting.

Mr. Watts’ comprehensive leadership experience includes working directly for the Director of investigations at the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) during the Savings and Loan crisis. He was initially hired as a senior member of the Drexel Task Force to investigate and litigate the suit filed by the FDIC and RTC against Michael Milken and Drexel relating to their involvement in the S&L crisis. The task force’s actions ultimately achieved a $1 billion settlement. Mr. Watts went on to co-organize and manage the RTC’s Office of Special Investigations.

After the dissolution of the RTC in 1996, Mr. Watts continued to work as a Department Manager for the FDIC until 1998, where he conducted forensic accounting and fraud investigations of failed financial entities. He has extensively worked with the SEC, FBI and the Justice Department to thoroughly review and manage criminal financial fraud cases. He was also a member of the Securities Working Group, tasked with reviewing all major securities matters. His experience includes high-profile financial investigations involving top government officials and leading financial institutions. He personally identified and resolved previously undetected fraud issues, while expanding fidelity bond insurance cases from $500,000 to $100 million.

Before joining the Federal Government, Mr. Watts worked for a national NASD brokerdealer performing due diligence services for approximately 2,400 registered representatives approving $100 - $150 million of private placement capital per year. As a CPA, Mr. Watts also provided sophisticated tax and strategic planning services for large real estate companies and wealthy individuals. He was Director of Acquisitions for several Public Limited partnerships, responsible for annual purchases of $300 - $500 million in real estate over a 7-year period.

Since his departure from the FDIC, Mr. Watts has provided financial advisory services and conducted forensic engagements for a number of clients. These services have involved managing through business crises and bankruptcies, and assisting counsel with insolvency and other litigation. In particular, he has been regularly hired by the FDIC to assist counsel in investigating distressed borrowers and lenders. He has acted as a receiver, negotiated settlements, and provided expert testimony in matters regarding fraud, asset misappropriation, valuation, calculation of damages, and other business matters.  Download Bio  email